Beta Testing

We've been busy creating awesome software and we're now looking for users to help test our platform at the Beta stage.

If you or your company would like to be involved in using and testing our software, there will be some great savings for you.

Join the intrflex community.

We’re committed to building a platform that not only delivers the needs of business owners but doesn’t break the bank. As a beta user you will have excellent benefits that you can carry forward whilst we release new features, these will apply and continue past the beta stage as a ‘Thank you’ for your support.

  • Unrestricted Access
  • Lifetime Discounts
  • Special Feature Requests
  • Referral Benefits
Send us a request for Intrflex Beta in the form below and we’ll send you an email link when your access is ready!



Beta Testing
Would you interested in a new, more efficient software solution to run your business that wouldn't cost the earth?
Does your company currently run multiple software subscriptions?
What would be your dream software feature list?
What are your biggest pain points you have from software subscriptions?