CRM Key Benefits

What exactly is a CRM More businesses than ever are using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or services to optimise their businesses. But what is the purpose of a CRM and how could your business benefit from investing in one? CRMs have been around for decades, but early versions were often complicated to learn and

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Covid - 19 Lockdown

Life on Lockdown

I don’t think anyone could’ve imagined that COVID-19 would have affected so many people and businesses over the last month. So how are staff at intrflex managing their time and resource to keep moving forward as a business? Well, we have found that regular conversation and video calls helps to inspire content and features that

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Intrflex Launch


The 28.2.2020 has become the new ground zero for intrflex! With countless years, months and hours messaging between teams, we are now able to share our platform and the awesome features it possesses.With this being the new beginning for us, the true development is yet to come, we have an extended list of features that

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Business Tech Solutions

How can businesses use technology to overcome challenges and become more efficient?  That’s the topic of this blog and it’s one that affects every business, whatever its size.  We all know that digital transformation has improved the workplace in many ways. The advent of cloud computing has meant that we can now access powerful software

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Intrflex Simplicity


How much easier would life and business be if things were simpler? Well, in 2020 it’s down to how simple YOU want to make your life and business. There is so much choice these days in everything we do, buy, use, that making the right decision in these ancillary items will surely simplify your world.

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Business Start Ups

What are the biggest challenges that we face when starting a business? The early questions of having an idea of what you’re going to offer, how you will get it to market, and how to retain customers for repeat business? To managing an existing business that is starting to grow and develop. So many businesses

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Intrflex Journey

Our Journey

Well, how far have we come to date…. I’m not sure this can be quantified in numbers, hours or nights burning the midnight oil 😊. The journey has had some very interesting times so far, we started with nothing and wanted a useable work order system for a contracting business. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we didn’t

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