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Agile, simple & easy to use

Our philosophy has been to create an incredibly powerful system that is nimble, simple and easy to use whilst providing everything you need to manage your workload effectively.

All the tools available in our base package to help you manage every aspect of your business. And when you want more, simply upgrade when ready.

No paying for features you don’t want or need!

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Enterprise grade digital products

All our features are upgraded regularly and pushed live to your platform


Work order system.

Looking for an effortless flow of job documentation? These work orders offer a seamless and fluid operation from office to technician and back again. Keep up to date of all elements of a job with real-time updates, photos, messages, accommodation, stock and budgets. 

Staff performance

Staff performance.

Keeping an effective workforce motivated is sometimes hard. Our performance indicator helps them identify areas where they can improve their performance. These can be automated or manually input and linked directly to regular appraisals.

Sales pipeline

Sales pipeline.

Keep track of your sales, leads and contacts in a user led experience. Schedule your demonstrations and calls as you negotiate your sales. Assign contacts and priorities to your leads to make sure you never miss a deal!



Allow your staff to log their hours they work. Monitor their hours and approve or reject logged work hours as required. Convert the timesheet to pdf and forward to your payroll department. Also tracks holiday and sick leave.

Asset control

Asset control.

Make sure you never miss a service interval ever again. This feature will allow you to monitor your vehicle fleet, machinery or mechanical assets and all of your stock materials. Each element is separated, easy to navigate and log any issues or repairs.


Send Quotes & Invoices.

Easy to input data entries. You can manually add services, products or materials and assign cost values to your quotes. Create payment information on Paypal or Stripe and accept payments directly from supply of invoice.


Mobile Workforce.

Monitor your mobile workforce effectively with GPS location based timesheets. Locations are logged in conjunction with the work order location address in a variable adjustable circumference. Accurate  calculate their work time whilst on remote sites.


Timeline Planner.

Excellent for schedules, planning and keeping an eye on your business and personal agendas. Import iCals to align your meetings and track work orders, annual leave, planned events, projects and more.



Keep track of your contacts and clients with infinite data on deals, sales, locations, sites, call to actions and logs. This CRM will give you complete control of your business operations and ensure you don’t miss a deal or meeting.



The central hub to access all the features, align your timeline with all your work orders, see your pending works, edit your profile and clock in or out of the timesheets

Assign Tasks

Assign Tasks.

Manage your teams effectively and assign them tasks. Our platform allows you to set the priority, monitor overdue items and keep an effective workflow. Our tasks can also be aligned with work orders and project manager.

Project Manager

Project Manager.

Track each element of a project no matter how big or small. Create a budget, attach work orders, tasks and assets. Schedule your works and monitor each element in real-time, giving you an accurate progress of your project.



Gives a wider scope than the timeline and offers a month’s overview.

Integrate with existing systems

Tired of using multiple platforms? Maximize your business agility with easy API integration hooks and application networks.

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Control your stock

Monitor your stock levels to ensure you don’t miss a service or sale. Integrate with woocommerce to keep track of your online sales. Scan bar codes into the system for greater speed when picking or sending out materials and create alerts when stock becomes low.

Never miss a task deadline again.

Avilable in either list view or kanban, tasks are smaller elements that drive a bigger picture.
Tasks are great for micro-managing work processes and can help align your workforce and teams.
Align your teams with the Intrflex task manager, create and assign tasks to your workforce and make sure deadlines are met.

Never miss a service record again

Manage your own and your clients assets too. Assets can be under various headings such as machinery, equipment, tools, furnishings, building fabric, vehicles etc.


  • Manage service intervals
  • Service records
  • Onsite or offsite
  • Fleet management
  • HVAC
  • Fabric
  • Electrical
  • Mobile friendly

Keep track of time management

Accurate time tracking for an entire company, home workers, office based and mobile workforce. Give engineers location based clocking in and out parameters. Downloadable timesheets which can be passed straight to payroll.