What are work order systems?

Looking for work order management software to manage your business. A comprehensive guide to work order systems.

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Keeping your finger on the pulse

Work order software lets you monitor and record all of your jobs that you have at any one time in one easy to use system. It helps facilities managers, operations managers and business owners create work orders, update requests, review, track and complete works.
It presents the opportunity to obtain real-time status information and provide valuable feedback to customers on the progress of work orders.
A well constructed work order management system will operate from a central dashboard that is easy to navigate, create work orders quickly, update requests and monitor and track completions efficiently. Prioritise your workloads against engineers and contractors to create seamless automated workflows.


Work order software for a small business

Can small businesses benefit from using a work order system?


Any system that can make your daily activities more streamlined and efficient surely has to be worthwhile. Being able to track works and jobs no matter how small your business is a plus point, it also gives you the ability to keep a record of works should they be raised again in the future. Have you ever kept all your job information in paper records, with photo attachments? Imagine the time required to sift through all those paper job records and obtain all the information you need, nevermind having to try and attach previous pictures to a new work order.
Small business owners have less time than most and are therefore often juggling many different tasks at once. Having a system that will manage all activities of a small business is an invaluable time saving tool.


work order software for contractors

Most contractors large or small have to collate and log job information, it is a general business requirement for all service providers to look at the costings of jobs with materials, labour, plant etc.
Types of trades that will potentially benefit and use work order software will have employees that travel to jobs such as plumbers, electricians, builders, floor layers, landscapers, window fitters, roofers to name a few.
With a focus on remote working on specific trade type jobs there is no reason why work order software can’t be utilised by other industries that still provide services to customers. If a business wishes to track all elements of services that they offer to their clients, it could be easily managed through work order software that also links to a CRM (customer relationship management) tool.


Work order software for maintenance tasks

Maintenance tasks demand a consistent feed of information for multiple sources, communication is vital between facilities, contractors, suppliers, landlords and business owners. A transparent portal that is enabled which is accessible from any device at any time, keeping a conversation open for all parties leads to greater control and successful target goals.
Maintenance tasks can be ad-hoc or periodic planned maintenance (ppm), these will be determined by the type of maintenance task and the priority that is set by a facility manager. A work order system will automate maintenance tasks depending on frequency, it will report if the task has been completed within its designated timescale and update management. Linking stock control with work orders and maintenance tasks can drive further insights into profitability of works, requesting engineers to complete work orders and declare what stock materials have been used to complete the task.
Maintenance tasks can be in multiple locations or sites which requires further tracking of a work order and engineers that are completing these tasks. Managing at distance can require further tools that can assist, such as GPS location tracking or time and location clocking systems. Most work order platforms should have the ability to enable this sort of feature.


How do I track a work order?

Work orders are tracked through a dashboard that communicates with a database of information. The parameters of information are implemented by the software build structure, all work order platforms including intrflex should give you the flexibility and ease of use that you need.
Most SaaS work order systems will enable you to generate a reference number or code for easy reference and traceability. The tracking of a work order should also be available when searching through your customers or client database so you can track what jobs have been completed and invoiced.
A good search facility is paramount as orders and clients increase and you need to reference prior works.


If your looking for a powerful yet easy to use work order system, the intrflex software platform will deliver all you need to manage your workload.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Engineer tracking
  • File attachments
  • Photo attachments
  • Assign priorities
  • Budget tool
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